How To Use Media and Press Releases To Improve Your Rankings and Get More Traffic

Writing a media release could be one of the most powerful tools you can use for your business.  A media or press release submitted on the Internet is a great way for you and your business to get exposure and helping you get links back to your website- helping increase your potential rankings in search engines.

Now please realize you’re not going to generate thousands of visitors to your site through a press release.  If you use an online service, the main benefit is you will get links back to your site which can help you with your search engine rankings.  Also, as you put the releases out there, they are like ‘seeds’ of your business.  Those seeds do take time to grow.

If you’re looking for a way to gain more clients and inquiries from your releases, then you should consider submitting releases to ‘targeted publications’ in your industry.  You can research this information by thinking of the magazines specific to your industry; or Radio Stations; or even Television.  If you are published directly in a magazine or go on a Radio Show, or even a TV show, this is where you can see droves of people flooding your offer or invitation.

If you are going to submit releases to these types of publications, submit to the correct people.  Sending it to the wrong people wastes valuable time for you and the media.

Here are the key people you want to contact for various media contacts:

Magazines: Editor, Section Editors and even Staff Reporters (many times you can find the names on the inside of the magazine)

Newspapers: Managing Editor and/or City Desk.  (Also Consider their Current Events Listings)

Radio Talk Shows: Show Producer and/or Segment Producer

Radio News: Assignment Editor, Segment Producer and/or News Office

Television:  Producer/Segment Producer

There are PR Firms that specialize in helping you get the message about your company out there.  Years ago I employed a firm and paid over $5,000 per month to have them submit articles and releases for me.  I learned a lot from this experience.  Some of this you can do on your own – if you take a professional approach.

Radio Exposure:

  • Do your Homework – Research
  • Get the names of the Show Producers/Segment Producers.  You can listen to a show and then call in and ask to find out who these people are.  For example, with my radio show, I was the segment and show producer.  If someone would have called the station directly, they would have passed the message to me for one of my staff to contact. In your local market, there are plenty of opportunities for you to look at getting on radio if you take the time to ‘plant seeds’.
  • Speak to someone personally.  Don’t leave messages.
  • Find a way to relate to the producer if you can.  Show interest in them.
  • Know what they want and are looking for – HINT: They are looking to develop more listeners, sell more air time and have something for their listeners they benefit from.  For example, years ago, a guy I knew worked for a network marketing company.  He didn’t go on radio to present his network marketing product.  He had a gift and report teaching people how to market their own business more successfully.  He went on the air and talked about his tips for success and then after the fact, gave them the option to learn about how to work with him directly.
  • Know that what you’re proposing is going to have a payoff and benefit to the audience.

Offer to have a media package you could send to them: Press Release, Biography, Book, Report or Free Stuff.   If you don’t have a book, consider self publishing one or working with an anthology (this is where a collection of authors contribute articles and pay for a certain amount of books – this is the fastest way for you to become a recognized author for a few grand.  You can connect with Warren Whitlock, Stephen E of Wake Up Live The Life You Want, and Insight Publishing.  Do a Google Search to find their contact info).

There are a few different sources for submitting Press Releases – although is the fastest growing source on the Internet.   Again, that’s not to say that the Internet is the only way to go with submitting a Press Release.  If you are an author, speaker or trainer and would be excited to do an interview for a magazine, Radio, or TV, you’ll find some of the previous tips helpful.

Regardless of whether you submit your releases online or use the sources mentioned above, there are a few key tips to doing a Press/Media Release.

  1. Identify your target market – who you are talking to
  2. Determine what kind of media they read, watch or listen to
  3. Find the hook (Unique Selling Proposition) that appeals to your market.
  4. Write a release according to the templates.  (NOTE: will fill in the template for you as you fill in your information).
  5. Submit your release.

What is the purpose of a Press Release?

Inform the media of past, present or future information about an event or project.  Examples could include the launch of a new website or product; a special announcement;  the release of a newsletter; a highlight of a new announcement for a special time of year – New Years, Valentines Day, The Beginning of Spring, Easter, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Martin Luther King Day, Hanukkah, Elections, and more…

If you can tie in your product or service with an event, it is typically viewed as more newsworthy.

What should a Press/Media Release Include?

A Strong Captivating Headline That Focuses On “What’s In It For The Reader?” – If you’re submitting a Release on the Internet, you may want to focus on positioning keywords for your business model.  

A Headline should get attention and be in bold type, capital letters, and double spaced.  The headline summarizes the entire release in a brief, powerful sentence or phrase. 

The Headline leads the reader into the next paragraph…

First Paragraph:  Once you capture the interest of the reader, you want to pull them through the remainder of the media release.  The opening paragraph is usually the next strongest piece of information (without overdoing it).  This is a good place to focus on the who, what where, when and why. 

Second Paragraph:  The second (and sometimes third) paragraph is a good place to highlight a quote from you as a recognized expert in your field (and written from a third party perspective). This helps you establish credibility and authority in the marketplace and also addresses why you’re sending the release and why the reader should read it. You may even consider taking a position of ‘controversy’ that the reader does not believe what you’re saying so you prove it with your points supported by evidence.

You might also find including a quote from another person involved in the project is a good idea if it addresses some of the ideas listed above.

A few important tips with traditional media releases (not online):  Use double wide margins and double space the body text.  If you are using an online service, they will typically format it for you. 

The final paragraph is your call to action.  This is the place to tell your reader what to do.  Be specific with: “Visit our site at:” “Call us today” “To learn more…”

Finally, at the end of the information, you could include the following symbol or statement: ######  (this symbol signifies there are no other pages).  You could also put the following   - End - .

If you have multiple pages, at the end of your first page put the following: – more –  which lets the reader know there are more pages.

A few notes when you write a press release.  A great way to model a press release is to go to and look at the releases submitted that day – and ideally relevant to your topic.  Print them out noticing the format of the releases.  Model some of the ideas listed there.

You can view sample of press releases on by going here:

We’ve also enclosed samples below.

Here are sources that you can look into posting your media/press release too.  Please note that some are free and some cost money.

Here are the resources:

Two sample Media/Press Releases follow:

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