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Inspire Your People to Sell, Recruit and Achieve More!

For your next convention or conference, bring in a dynamic, powerful presenter who will connect with your audience and move them to massive action to create results!  If you have an audience of people who are focused on sales, marketing or results, there is no better person to get than Dan Kuschell™.  His touching story of rising from the inner-city of Detroit to building a life of prosperity will touch your audience's hearts while at the same time challenging them to greater achievement.

Dan goes to the core of the foundation to help your people identify and most importantly overcome their greatest obstacles to achieve, excel, and break records!  His "Prosperity Based Living" message is exactly what your people need to break through to achieve more sales, income and results.  Your organization will be inspired and realize that the impossible is possible, and that dreams can become a reality.  More importantly, you'll see the bottom line increase in productivity, morale, and sales long after the conference is over.

Dan only works with audiences concerned about building sales, results and income in the organization - primarily people who are selling or helping create sales in marketing.

He is an internationally recognized expert, having worked, coached and trained over 100,000 people worldwide through his innovative programs, radio show, and resources.  His inspiring, customized and result oriented programs hit the bullseye, and they're tailored exclusively for your organization on how to break through to achieve greater sales and results.

If you're committed to finding a speaker who lives by example and teaches what he's doing, Dan Kuschell™ brings tangible results to back his message, along with passion, and cutting edge, easy to apply solutions that your audience can use.

He does thorough pre-event research and customizes the program for your company, organization, and situation.  Your people receive an energetic program that's uplifting, fun and packed with practical information, strategies, and tools that your attendees can use to immediately increase their sales, income, and bottom line. Give Dan the opening keynote and kick off your event with an eruption.  Or have him as your closing keynoter and send your people out the door energized, focused, and committed to achieving results.  Either way, your conference will be more successful, your people will thank you for it, and you'll look like a hero for setting it up.  Dan is booked years in advance, so move fast!

High Energy, Easy to Apply, Captivating Programs That Make You Look Great!



Programs Available:

Prosperity Based Persuasion!

Boost Your Sales, Income And Bottom Line.

This fast-paced results oriented program will show your people how to build a foundation for prosperity which will move them to take massive action.  They will discover how this foundation directly dictates their end results in their prospecting, rapport building, presentation, and closing.

Prosperity Is A Choice

Catapult from Survival to Significance

"Prosperity Is A Choice" will show your people how to harness their inner potential to achieve greatness.  Everyone has the seed of potential, and Dan will reveal how to open this door to significance.


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