About Dan Kuschell

DAN KUSCHELL helps companies grow. He is a Dad, Thought Leader, Humanitarian, Angel Investor, and Business Growth Specialist. He started his first company at 22 years old and has over 20 years of experience helping businesses grow, and individuals transform the quality of their life.

Dan is the founder of ProsperityBasedLiving.com, creator of Millionaires MindsetĀ®, bestselling author of A Champion in the Making: Awaken the Champion Within Your Life, Business, and Relationships and more.

In 2007, 2 weeks after his son was born, Dan woke up with sharp pains in his chest, drove to the hospital, and after rigorous testing, tubes, and scans, ended up on an operating table told by the Doctor that he had a 1 in 500 chance of dying going through with the procedure.

Dan calls this the ‘false alarm’ that transformed his life and since that time he has dedicated his time and energy working on worthwhile, fun projects, living on his terms – as he spends his time with industry leaders, entrepreneurs, parents, and organizations that are making a positive impact.

While Dan has been on multiple media outlets including ESPN, Spike TV, Wall Street Journal online, numerous radio and TV programs, Entrepreneur, and many more, his proudest moments are when he’s with his kids, setting an example, and leaving a legacy with his Prosperity Based Living and Business Growth Strategies.

Dan’s books, videos, radio shows, newsletters, products, consulting, and appearances have impacted over 500,000 people worldwide.

Dan’s clients include executives, entrepreneurs, parents, and leaders from over 38 countries in diverse industries. He consults with some of the leading companies in the world today with his transformational processes and tools that drive more business, sales, and profits.

Dan Kuschell at http://www.prosperitybasedliving.com or http://www.dankuschell.com