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Sat, Jul 26, 2014


Dan Kuschell Business Growth -

Dan Kuschell Business Growth –


In less than 14 days, I will celebrate my 45th birthday. Just a few years ago, I wasn’t even sure I’d make it to 40. I was your prototype workaholic and at the time had interest, equity, or ownership in 6 companies, and although that was a rush on one end, I found myself working near 80-90 hours per week, I was stressed, consumed by the businesses, feeling alone and isolated, and now looking back, had broken relationships (in some ways) with most of those closest to me…

And then I had a wake up call.

The late Stephen Covey taught the concept: “Begin with the end in mind”. In 2007, I lay on a hospital table and the doctor told me I had a 1 in x chance of dying with the procedure. For me, in that moment, I got to look at my life with the possibility of the end being very real.

That certainly got my attention…

Combine that with the fact that my son Kyler was born just 2 weeks earlier and I have to admit the main thoughts that popped in my head was: “Is this all there is?” 

I had built a certain level or type of success I thought I ‘should’ have, felt I was making a difference, and in one fragile day in October, I lay in that isolated hospital room on my back, with tubes running everywhere, completely vulnerable, scared, and unsure what the outcome would be.

I hope you never go through an experience like that, so I’d like to share a few lessons from that experience.

First, you should know that what Anthony Robbins has taught for years… “The past does not equal the future.” You can improve – in an instant…

Or as my good friend Joe Polish has taught for years, “In order to have a Breakthrough, you need to be willing to break something.” 

With that, here are 5-things, I challenge you to reflect on and do today:

#1 Be Good to Yourself (today and everyday)… 

Next, get out a sheet of paper and put some real time into the following:

#2 What is the legacy I’m leaving? 
#3 What do I want? 
#4 Who am I? 
#5 What do I stand for? 

My answers shifted everything for me, and I can’t say that everything since then has gone perfect, however today I am fit (I let go of 60 pounds), I have a great relationship with my kids (I’m blessed to spend both quantity and quality of time with them), I enjoy a relationship with my best friend and wife Tee, and I get to help entrepreneurs all over the globe.

Admittedly, I could have never done this on my own and I am extremely grateful for amazing family to transform almost every aspect of my life including my wife and best friend Tee, my parents, my sister and her husband, my ex-wife, my kids, and then Joe PolishDean GraziosiJerry Brodeur, Phil Mutrie, Paul, Kevin, Josh, Dr. Cristy Lopez, Richard Rossi, Eunice Dinero Miller, Chris Attwood, Janet Bray Attwood, Dan Sullivan and many more (too many to list) to thank for their leadership, support, and friendship.

Let’s face it, I’m blessed to have friends (or a team) like this to lean on, and as I choose to look at my experiences as nothing more than “chapters”,

Today, I live knowing I have so many more chapters to write and am extremely excited about the future!

I’m grateful for waking up today, knowing that everything I will do will be a small part of the next chapters, will be my footprints in the sand, and the breadcrumb trail for my amazing kids to look at down the road.

Dare to be great. Dare to be different. And most importantly ‘choose’ to do it being good to yourself. All it takes is you making the ‘decision’ of what that will be for you!

It’s time to “write the chapters of your life”. 

Be willing to break something today, and get the breakthrough you deserve!

Seize the day!

Dan Kuschell


Dan Kuschell’s Strategic Business Growth Strategies are the source where truly ambitious, driven, doers and A-players with a sincere desire to build and grow their businesses (for a lifetime) gather to connect and share cutting edge, timely business growth services, resources, and real-world application. Real. Transparent. Genuine. Straight forward.

If you’re looking to transform your business with practical ideas that work, Dan is truly your ‘go to guy’ to help you grow your business, add new profit centers, as well as simplify, while eliminating the frustration and stress of being in the day to day of your business.

He’s an investor (in people and small businesses) with big growth potential, a philanthropist, and provides consulting (and a wealth of resources) for entrepreneurs and business owners all over the globe. You can learn more about him at



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    Happy Birthday!

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