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Sun, Nov 3, 2013

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10 Strategies for Maximum Business Growth

Big and small companies alike are always looking for simple ideas to increase their sales and profitability. Smart companies create revenue producing systems that work for them on virtual autopilot.

Here are 10-Strategies For Maximum Business Growth!

1 – Focus your efforts in Direct Response Marketing: This approach to marketing allows you to place an ad or create a campaign today and measure it’s impact in results by using a trackable device in the ad: like a phone number, website URL, or collecting an email address on a webpage.

2 – Begin with end in mind: As Stephen Covey teaches, you want to start with the end in mind and work backwards. In a direct response campaign, you simply look to build a system to generate leads that feeds to different levels of commitment in your products or services. Look at it like a ladder starting at the top and working down with the top being a free entry in exchange for the lead information, and the further down the ladder you go, the greater the value and price for your products and services.

3 – Create a low barrier of entry with very little friction for them to try you out. Giveaway a free report, audio, video delivered electronically. Make it compelling and offer value in what you provide. In fact, this is the place to give them your best ideas. The thought becomes: “If they gave me this much for free, I imagine the product or service I’m buying
must be awesome.”

4 – Systematize your business using the Wealth Formula.

A) Put yourself in a position to speak to large groups of people at once
B) Put yourself in a position to do the work one time and get paid over and over again.

5 – Use Risk Reversal To Persuade. Again, make your offer compelling and reverse the risk by making it virtually impossible to say no. One of the simplest ways to do this is to offer a guarantee.

6 – Find a Need and ______ it. One of the greatest lies taught in business is to find a ‘need’ an fill it. The most successful and profitable businesses actually find a ‘want or desire’, and fill it. It’s easier to give water to a thirsty person than it is to convince someone they’re thirsty.

7 – Create an Automated System Online to Generate leads. It’s smart, easy,
and profitable. Put these steps in place:

a. Create a web-page that gives away something of value in exchange for an email address.
b. Connect the registration to an auto responder that allows you to send messages
because they’ve requested information about your business.
c. After they register or opt in to request the information, put an offer for a product
or service in front of them. Whether it’s you product or service, or something that
complements your business, a certain percentage of people
will respond to the offer. For those you don’t, send them follow ups 2 to 3 times per week educating them on your business or industry while building a relationship.

8 – Focus on Long-Term-Value and Relationships. Whatever business you’re in, focus on building reputation and relationships versus transactions. Building relationships is smart and profitable in the new economy.

9 – You’re an Expert! Let people know it. Get involved in networking groups and events in your industry and community. Create a Top-10 List of things to Avoid in Your Industry and Write a Report. Self-publish a 50-60 page book about the ‘Best Practices in your industry. Get on local Radio Shows by simply purchasing open airtime on weekends. Use this positive PR to help spread the message and create a viral impact.

10 – Co-Publish a Newsletter. Find other experts in your industry or community. Ask them to write an article about a topic of interest. You coordinate the efforts and part of that requirement is to send it to their list of either email subscribers or mail. If 5 people each had a list of just 1,000 people and 5 people contributed, that would give you access to over 5,000 potential customers. Create exponential growth with additional newsletters or messages on a variety of topics and open a window of opportunity and profits.

Dan Kuschell’s Strategic Business Growth Strategies are the source where truly ambitious, driven, doers and A-players with a love of strategic marketing and a sincere desire to build and grow their businesses (for a lifetime) with a desire to grow and learn, gather to connect and share cutting edge, timely business growth services, resources, and real-world application. Real. Transparent. Genuine. Straight forward.

If you’re looking to transform your business with practical ideas that work, Dan is truly your ‘go to guy’ to help you grow your business, add new profit centers, and simplify, while avoiding the frustration of being in the day to day of your business and reducing stress.

He’s an investor (in people and small businesses) with big growth potential, a philanthropist, and provides consulting (and a wealth of resources) for entrepreneurs and business owners all over the globe. You can learn more about him at prospertybasedliving.com and dankuschell.com and


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  1. Darrell Says:

    Dan Thanks for the 10 strategies, all to the point and very helpful in getting back on track for business growth.You’ve always been an inspiration, and reminder to be a Champion, keep up the great info.

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