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Fri, Feb 8, 2013

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INSIGHT #5: Build Relationship Capital For The Future.

Network Today for the needs and desires you may have tomorrow.

Apple may not exist today if it had not been for the relationship Steve Jobs created with Bill Gates.

Did you know that at a time when Apple was on the verge of bankruptcy, Steve’s friend Bill (Gates) loaned him a large chunk of money to help out?

Bill loaned Steve over $100 million dollars. That’s some friend isn’t it?

Steve Jobs didn’t go to Bill Gates blind. They had a relationship.

Find the places where high-level people are at, and make a point to go there and contribute in some way.

Contribution matters.  Contribute to the right people and your return in many cases grows exponentially.

Masterminds, Coaching Type Programs, Associations, Volunteer Groups, Church Organizations offer some solid places to start this process.

Experts from all walks off life have paid a price in advance to open, create, develop and nurture relationships.

Today, more than ever, you can tap into the wealth and abundance through networking. Take the steps to build your relationship capital.

It may just be the greatest capital in long-term business success!


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