How to Create a Movement and Expand Your Reach with Stephanie Frank

Tue, Jul 18, 2017

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What would happen for your business if you could put an unusual but relatively simple method in place that engaged over three and a half million people;  what would it do for you?  

Imagine you were launching a book, or launching a new product, service, or a new project in your company, and having proven methods you can put in place to create and advance momentum.  In other words, you had a proven model to create a movement.  

That’s what today’s segment is all about.

Our guest today is Stephanie Frank. Stephanie is a certified cyber-crime intelligence investigator, an internationally published bestselling author, and she speaks all over the world on human behavior, entrepreneurial life, and cyber security.  


Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn in this show:

  • Who is Stephanie Frank? [4:00]
  • The power of rallying around a MISSION; [9:00]
  • Mistakes people make when trying to build a mission; [14:00]
  • How to use automation to get a group all over the world to collaborate; [14:59]
  • What are 1-3 game changing strategies you can use today; [17:00]
  • And more…


Resources mentioned on this episode:

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