The Wealth Without Wall Street, The Big Short, and Creating Financial Freedom with Little Known Real Estate Strategies with Robert San Luis

Thu, Sep 15, 2016

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What if traditional investment strategy’s were really setup to make the big investors money, yet give you and I as the little guy just enough to stay in the game, but rarely win?


Think it’s possible?

Instead of playing into speculation, volatility, and uncertainty, there is a better way to create cash flow and passive income sources so that you can set things up to enjoy retirement and get the piece of freedom you deserve.

Today’s guest is Robert San Luis. He is an advisor, coach, and best-selling author of “Wealth Without Wall Street: Seven Keys To An Early Retirement.” Robert has spent most of his life trying to learn a better way to invest that provides true time freedom to average people.

He’s been an active investment advisor (and gave that side of his business up due to the unethical and unfair way the industry works), a real estate broker and investor, and now he teaches people what’s really going on in the investment world, and how you can create passive streams of income – while creating cash flow at the same time.

It’s unique and different, and even Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway has taken advantage of this little known strategy.  

The sad but true reality is that the stock market and the typical investment strategies are stacked against the average person. The big corporations and financial institutions have leveraged their influence to create systems that give them a massive advantage in terms of inside information AND technologies that allow them to make trades before you even get the chance.

Robert San Luis has studied the investment industry at length and has discovered proven methods of getting your money OUT of the speculative, risky realm of Wall Street, and into investments that cash flow monthly and provide you the recession proof security you want and deserve.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn in this show:

  • [0:31] What to expect in this great episode with Dan’s guest Robert San Luis.
  • [2:15] Why “What’s your number?” is the absolutely wrong question.
  • [4:52] How the stock market and investments are rigged so that YOU are not the winner.
  • [6:10] How to examine your strategy for retirement.
  • [8:10] Who is Robert San Luis? Why did he get into this specializes sort of knowledge?
  • [10:50] What Robert was known for in High School.
  • [13:30] How can the average person compete against the Wall Street Machine?
  • [18:18] What can listeners do to move themselves forward wisely in the investment realm?
  • [20:06] How Robert became interested in helping people with financial issues.
  • [23:55] What would it be like to find low-risk cash flow opportunities that were recession proof.
  • [29:21] Getting started investing in commercial mobile home parks and properties.
  • [32:15] The lowest point Robert’s business career and what he learned from it.
  • [34:10] Who Robert turns to for advice in life and business.
  • [34:15] The importance of psychology surrounding money.  


Resources mentioned on this episode: – Robert’s website


MOVIE: The Big Short

Robert’s Book: Wealth Without Wall Street

MOVIE: The Wolf of Wall Street



People mentioned on this episode:





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