This angel blew me away…

Thu, Aug 13, 2009

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Ever had one of those moments where someone does
something for you that absolutely takes your breath

Well that happened to me…

Let me tell you the quick version.

This past weekend my wife decides to give me my b’day
gift.  She let’s me know that she’s planned a dinner
date for us.

So we get to one of the nicest restauarants in all of
Phoenix: J and G’s Steakhouse at the Phoenician.
Beautiful location overlooking Phoenix with panoramic
views… and the service was amazing.

We had great conversation, laughs, and even had fun
with the wait staff.

But, this is where it gets exciting and Alisa blew me

At about 10:30pm we wrap up dinner and I figure we need
to rush home to get to our 2 kids as our nanny
is working past her normal 7pm time.

Then she springs it on me…  You want to get a room?

Because my wife is the World’s Greatest Mom, my first
thought was we had to rush home to get to the
kids so the nanny could go home.

So I’m like, well… we don’t have any stuff here and
we’re probably going to have to rush out of here…
No…let’s not get a room.

Then she says hold on…

she goes to the front desk and gets registered and gets
a key…

She says, let’s see how it goes…

and then we walk out to the bellman and she hands him
our ticket for Valet.   She whispers in his ear (no I wasn’t

And next thing I know he’s carrying two bags with him.

Then she says: “Honey, tonight is your night.  I want
to make it special.  The nanny is taking care of the kids
and it’s us tonight…”

Well, I have to say I was blown away.  We had an amazing night.
Had some more wine; listened to some music; watched a movie
together; (yes we did some other romantic stuff, however
my proof reader encouraged me to take it out of here… all I can
say, is my wife is beautiful so it’s easy for me to write about it)

We slept in; woke up in each others arms; then had breakfast
out on the patio on a beautiful morning next to the
fountain at the Phoenician and small little bunny
rabbits were running up to

It was absolutely AMAZING!!!!

I would call it an ideal date and day…

So, you might be wondering, What does this have to do with you?

Well, here it is.

My wife is an angel.  My life is awesome (although I wouldn’t say it’s perfect) in my heart of hearts I know you deserve to attract your angel or soulmate.  You deserve to live a life of prosperity and joy.

My life changed when I learned how to tap into the wonderful gift and Laws of Attraction.

For years I’ve been touting the power of the Law of Attraction.

Recently I had the chance to meet one of the most powerful minds
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And when I had a chance to learn what he was teaching about
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So here’s what’s happening.  He’s put together a special program
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Prosperity and Success,


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And, my motive in sharing my story serves many purposes.
First, you should know that my wife has been blowing
me away with her kindness and spirit since I can remember.
She is truly an angel.

I often ask:  “How did I get so lucky to have you?”

She has one common answer…

And it has nothing to do with business… and everything
to do with the Law of Attraction.

Next, I hope in sharing my story, you will be inspired
to go and ‘wow’ someone in your life.  In your own
way treat them like the king or queen they deserve to be.

It simply takes a kind heart to make someone feel like
a million bucks.  My wife does this for anyone that knows
her… it’s an amazing gift we can all learn from.

Thank you Alisa for being the angel you are 😉

And she’ll tell you that it starts by mastering the Law
of Attraction too:

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  1. Brechampion Says:

    Aww How awesome! You got a keeper! lol 😉

    Glad you had a wonderful time!


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