Ultimate Transformation: Unlock Your Fear and Failure

Wed, Mar 9, 2011

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Ultimate Transfomration: Unlock Your Fears and Failures

Imagine how your world would look if you lived in a state of fulfillment, joy, happiness, success
and peace of mind…

In fact, what would have to happen in order for you to live that way?

If you’re like I used to be, chances are good that you would say something like:

“When I achieve x, then I’ll feel fulfillment.


When I make $x, then I’ll be happy.


When I do x, then I’ll be a success.


When I do x, then I’ll have peace of mind.”

Let me reveal to you that I’ve been there in my life… a lot longer than not.  In fact, the last year in my life has really gotten me to go inside and focus on what really matters in success.

Have you ever heard that you can tell the size of the person by the obstacles it takes to knock them off track?

And here’s something to consider from my message the other day.

If you draw a line down the center of your sheet of paper and on the left side you write down all the main positive feelings that you ‘are’ in the last week, what would they be?

And then on the right side of the page, if you wrote down all the ‘negative’ feelings you ‘are’ living with in the last week what would they be?

Not to long ago, I sat down and did an exercise like this and it was enlightening to find out what happened.

For me, it was much easier to write down all the negative feelings that I had gone through.

I remember it like it was yesterday. I wrote down things like:

Sad. Angry. Depressed. Lonely. Misunderstood.
Empty. Disrespected. Unappreciated. Frustrated.
Stressed and so on.

And I have to tell you, there was a LOT of “attachment” to these feelings. Do you know what I mean?  I mean, I could really feel them in that moment as i put pen to paper.

On the other hand, when I first sat down and attempted to write the positive feelings, it was tough. I drew a blank after just a couple positive feelings hit the paper.

Happy. Grateful.

Those were the first two that came to mind and then it was as though I sat there for an hour with a blank stare. In reality it was more like 5 minutes, however it was still HARD.  And then it hit me…

No wonder I wasn’t flowing at my best. No wonder I felt stuck. No wonder that I felt like I was in quick sand, sinking faster and faster…

My outer world was a reflection of my inner world.

My outer world was a reflection of my feelings.

And so I forced myself to focus on the positive feelings, literally!

And even though I wasn’t ‘sure’ I had the feelings at the moment, I shifted myself to say:

“If I were at my best right NOW, what would I be feeling…

And in time, it started to flow. Words like:

Love. Happy. Joy. Fulfilled.
Passionate. Energized. Focused. Connected.
Respected. Appreciated. Sexy. Desired.
Understood. Relaxed. Healthy. Free.
Independent. Compassionate. Accepted. Grateful.

And something amazing started to happen as I listed these out. Little by little I started to experience these things. And when doubt creeped in a little bit, I said to myself – if I TRULY felt this way, what would it feel like?

And the more I did it, the greater the feeling really seemed to sink in.

And I started to feel better… And the easier it became to really feel each of the ‘words’ with real meaning behind it.

I then wrote each of the words on a blue-index card and kept it with me under the visor in my car. I looked at them when I got in the car and when I got out…

And I started to feel better!

Things started to FLOW again and I moved from being stuck to working with an ease and grace – and with little effort.  And I have to share with you, this was an Amazing Discovery…

Because what I have come to learn is that we all have ups and downs in our life. Success in our life is relative.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a multi-milionaire or the single mom struggling to make ends meet… we all have issues in our life that can use some improvement; where something is MISSING!

And I think I’ve unlocked a SECRET that can bridge the gap of a life unfulfilled to one of pure joy,
happiness and success…

On your terms…

By your definition…

And you can start it today.

And most importantly use it, keep it and grow it for a lifetime!

Simply pull out a sheet of paper and write down the positive feelings on the left side and the negative feelings you experience regularly on the right. If you get stuck and you’re like me, then focus
on the negative one’s first and then simply start by writing the opposite feeling in the positive

Once you have a list of 10 or more positive feelings, put them on an index card or even the back of your
business card with the start like this:

I feel…

Then write out your list.

And don’t worry if you don’t think you have the perfect list, because you can add to the list
over time. The key is to just get started. Stand where you are and start.

You got it?


Once you have the list, then reflect on it a couple times per day and give yourself an Amazing Gift starting now. There’s much more I can share on this concept, however let’s lay the foundation.

And let me share this with you too…

What would it be worth to get back to living with that childlike enthusiasm again – with joy, happiness and freedom?

The other day I took my kids to the “Renaissance Festival” here in Pheonix and to see the joy in their
heart riding a Llama, A Camel, an Elephant… They weren’t afraid of falling off. They were
**IN** the moment.  On our way out of the park, we came across an interesting character… It was a Talking-Tree.

And what Kira (my daughter) said was priceless after the Talking tree asked for a high-five, was walking and talking…

“… Daddy. That sure is something. A talking-tree.
That’s not something you SEE everyday….”

And she’s right!

And there are many things we don’t see everday anymore. It’s not our fault. Most of us have been conditioned how NOT to have success.

In many ways, we’ve been lied to…

And now, it’s time to move from needing ‘something’ to give you the feeling of success and make the breakthrough to an amazing life as you realize that the success and feeling you’re searching for is already there…

We had it when we were 5… and living life as a kid.

Through tough times, growing up, the pain of failure, it’s been covered up.  I’m going to reveal to you how to UNCOVER it and experience REAL success…

Be on the lookout in the next couple days as I reveal how to take this to the next level!

Prosperity and Success,


PS – Let me blunt… One of my friends Joe Polish says it best: “…In order to have a BREAKTRHOUGH, you’ve got to be willing to BREAK something…”

So true.

Take the first step and take action with the exercise
above. You’ll be glad you did.

Talk soon.

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2 Responses to “Ultimate Transformation: Unlock Your Fear and Failure”

  1. pmutrie Says:

    Hey Dan,

    Amazing post… Thank you…

    Highest Regards,
    Philip J. Mutrie


  2. JoniWB Says:

    Great post Dan…It’s truly amazing what can be revealed with this exercise. Anyone looking for success should take the time to do this honestly…because it works.

    Joni Waseity-Beadle

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