Understanding What Abundance Means to You

Thu, Dec 31, 2009


We all want to succeed. We all want the most out of life. It’s human nature. None of us want to fall short of our potential or to struggle with life any more than what’s necessary. We all share a similar goal: We want to experience real abundance in your lives.

However, that makes things sound a little easier and more clear-cut than they actually are. You see, one individual’s notion of abundance may vary considerably from the perspective held by another. That fact is more than a mere semantic distinction. It has a very real impact on how we move forward with our lives.

We’re all looking for the best ways to experience abundance. If we don’t understand that the term is used differently by different people it’s far too easy to find ourselves trying strategies and working with ideas that may not really suit our personal aspirations. A course on “how to experience abundance” could be a perfect match for one person while lacking any resonance with his or her neighbor.

Thus, it’s important for you to understand what abundance really means to you. The word itself conjures up images of “more than enough”. The lingering question is “more than enough of what?” Only you can answer.

Have you given the matter serious thought and consideration? If not, this is the perfect time to do just that. think about what having “more than enough” means to you and the areas in life in which you’d like to have it.
Are you primarily concerned with generating more resources for yourself–are you driven more by the financial aspect of things than by other concepts? Are you really looking for more time to explore hobbies, non-professional goals and other interests? Do you want to be closer to your family members and to spend more time with them? Are you looking for adventure or serenity?

What do you really want? You need to know. It’s going to be very difficult to reach the point of true abundance if you’re not altogether sure what that means to you. Start thinking about it now. Create your personal definition and allow it to guide you toward your aspirations.

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