Using A Puppy Dog Approach To Build Your Empire

Tue, Jun 21, 2011

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One of the common themes I hear from small business owners, affiliate
marketers, online marketers,and network marketers alike is that they
feel stuck and unsure of how to separate themselves from a crowded field…
or how to differentiate themselves and offer something truly unique
that says: 

                      “I want to work with you.”

One of the simplest ways to do that is to use the Puppy Dog Approach. 
Now bear with me because it may not be what you think, and before
you say to yourself:   “I know this already” stay the course here.

The Puppy Dog approach takes many forms in business today.  I first learned
the Puppy Dog Approach To Sales at one of my first training seminars with
Tom Hopkins back in about 1991.  The basic premise of the idea was to
simply allow a client to enjoy the ‘puppy’ for a couple days, that once
they had it, they would never want to give it up– and a sale would be made.

Today this shows up in ‘try-it before-you-buy-it-offers’ in all types of business
categories.  The Internet model has brought the idea to the front of consumers
with FREE Trials of just about every type of business category.

Whatever business you’re in, you can give them the experience of the ‘Puppy-
Dog-Approach’.This is where you can show you’re different than others out there. 
It’s not just about delivering products or services. It’s about showing you care.

                    People Don’t Care How Much You Know
                                    They Want To Know You Care

For example, if you offer a product or service online, what if you made a phone call
to the client to simply say thank you?   What if you also remind them that while your
competition is busy chasing the next sale, you still have time to remember the simple
things you were taught in life, like ‘Thank you’.

Or take it a step further and how about writing a simple thank you note that is
sent in the mail – and again reminding the client that you still remember the
little things?

Think about this…

When’s the last time you got a phone call from a company or a thank you note
in the mail that simply said ‘thank you’?   How would you view a company who
did that?

And I’m talking going one step further than sending an email that says thank
you too… 

Everyone is going the route of email.  Dare to be different and unique.
As you’re getting bombarded with offers, emails, overwhelm, if you got something
like a simple thank you, how would you feel?  How would you view that business?


Business today is NOT about just providing a product or service.  It’s about
providing an experience around that product or service.


While everyone else is chasing the next client, you can wow them with simplicity.

Now, if you’re saying to yourself, “Dan, this is great, however I’m just starting and
really am not generating many clients. How do I do this starting from scratch?”

It’s really much simpler than you think –

Here’s what you can do:

1.  Pull out a calendar starting today and identify 4 major promotions you can
focus around in the year.
  For example, you could build around  New Years,
Valentines, Spring Fever, Easter,, Mothers Day, Father’s Day, Independence
Day, Labor Day,  Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Back To School, etc…

The largest companies in the world have helped you build around these dated
arenas.  For example, the intro into my ALERT today was based on Fathers Day…

It helps you open the conversation they your clients are already having in their
head about current events. 

2.  Write a short book about a major problem area in your business category.
Yes.  I suggest a short book about a major problem area in your business category.
It’s ideal if you’re the solution in the industy, however even if you’re not,
just getting them to think about the problem will help you attract leads
and clients.

Some examples could be:
7 Steps to (fill in the blank);  7 Myths to <fill in the blank>; 
4 Mistakes To Avoid When Hiring <fill in the blank>;
And many more tied around these types of concepts.

Ideally lists are best.  You don’t need any more than 4-7 Steps
to convey your message.  Anything longer than 7 steps and you’re
likely to lose your potential reader, viewer or listener. 

In fact, it’s my experience you can create an entire business built around
the concepts of a book.  To start, this could be in the form of an E-book,
and then preferably a physical book. The key is to get started somewhere.

If you didn’t want to be the face of it, you could hire someone to do
that part of it for you.  Heck, you could even go to and
hire someone to do the research and write the book for you.

From the book you can build an entire sales model.  The book becomes the
6 audio version of material from the book.  It could become a 6-video
series.  It could become a live-seminar program.  The live seminar program
could move into more advanced support/consulting and other experiential
type trainings/events/adventures.

Once you have a topic or campaign to test out, then the model follows
a simple pattern.

3.  Make an offer of your book, report, or training concept for Free.
Give the absolute best you can offer in that report or training concept.
Make it irresistible. 

You’re going to give them the offer of your book, report, or training
concept for free in exchange for them to be a part of your community,
list or database.

Once you give them the offer make sure to:
– tell them the benefits of what you’re giving them and what it will do
for them
– remind them of the benefits
– based on the benefits, invite them to get more from you.  This can
be an offer for a product you have for sale.  This could be a referral
to another complementary product (because maybe you don’t have yours
– remind them of the benefit of working with you as a trusted advisor

Here’s a quick example of this. 

I wrote a book A Champion in the Making and didn’t know how I was
going to sell it. Rather than sell it, I gave it away for Free.
I also did a live seminar based on the book called “7-Steps To Financial
Freedom”.   We recorded the entire event on both audio and video and
made it available as a product.  So here’s how the model went.

I went on radio and gave the book away.   Listeners heard my show
where I offered value and were encouraged to call to get the book.
They called an 800# where we would gather their information.  We
gave them 2 options to get the book.  One option was the downloadable
verison – which was free.   The other option was the physical version
and if they chose that route we would deliver it to them for the
shipping cost of $9.95.

About 40% of the callers opted for the physical version when we had
our show on NBC for approximately 3 years.

If they chose the physical version, we would then offer them
3 additional product choices that were done as a ‘trial’ for the
product.  For example, they could get the 6-audio program
for a shipping cost of $19.95 today and then in 30 days billed
an additional $97.   They could do something similar with the
video model and then all attendees were invited to attend
a live event – seminar or teleseminar.

At the teleseminar we would offer tremendous value with business
building ideas and then invite them to participate in additional

This model ultimately led to a 6-figure plus business as well
as led to many larger consulting opportunities all over the

With the Internet Today, you could look to do something very similar,
with a book, a video series, an audio series and more.

The key is to provide high value for the FREE offer you
provide up front.  Ideally think in terms of charging $500-$1000
for that solution or guidance.  

Remember this too:  If they won’t pay for it, then don’t give it
to them for free.  I recommend giving your best stuff for free
in a model like this… because experience tells me that a client
will likely have this in their head:  “You’ve given me this much
for free.  I can only imagine how great the stuff you provide
will be that I decide to purchase and own it.”

You could create many models like this to feed into your business
whether you run a dry cleaners, massage clinic, personal training,
nutrition, cosmetics, weight loss, plumber, hair stylist,
salon owner, restaurant, and more.

4. The Key Is in the Follow Up.   Once you have offered value
and can deliver it, it’s time to then provide an experience
for that potential client.   They came to you for a reason.
It’s time to communicate with them and find out how you can help
them.  The simplest way is to ask follow up questions.
If there is an opportunity to then take it to the next level
with a product or service offering and enroll them in what you
do, by all means do it.

Everyone can use more adventure and romance in their life and
if you can think of ways to create the experience of ‘adventure’
you’re further ahead of the curve. 

If you don’t offer them your additional services, they will
likely think you don’t have confidence or believe in what you

Make an offer to them.  Give them the option to purchase.

If they say yes, then continue to wow them with the experience
you can provide along with your service and product.

If they say no, continue to wow them with the experience
of dealing with you and your business that extends the

As business continues to evolve, the key factor to remember is
that the big winners in business are in the relationship business
— creating experiences that they can’t get with another competitor.

That’s it for today.

Until we meet again, Go out Today and Play to Win!

Happy Fathers Day!


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