Why You Should Be Using Free eBooks to Boost Your Online Business

Thu, Dec 31, 2009


It may seem counter-intuitive, but one of the best ways to make your business more profitable is by giving away something of great value. By providing your prospects with free eBooks, you lay a foundation that can result in more profits than you may have imagined.

Here’s how it works. It starts with a simple, inescapable fact of the Internet marketing world. The money is in the list. If you can develop and nurture a list of prospects who are interested in the kind of products or services you’re providing, you’ll be in a great position to boost your earnings. You can market to those list members repeatedly, custom-tailoring a marketing message designed to convince them to do business with you.

Before you can start experiencing that wonderful situation, however, you need to build the list. Nothing else matters if you don’t have a subscriber base to your email mailing list. That’s where free eBooks enter the picture.

You can offer a free eBook to encourage people to sign up for your list. You can call it an inducement or an “ethical bribe”. Whatever you call it, though, it works like a charm–assuming you’re using free eBooks in the right way.

A freebie can boost your subscriber base if the material is valuable and is directly related to both the prospects’ interests and your own business. You won’t make great strides by offering lousy content or material that isn’t a “direct hit” as part of your list-building effort.

If you do offer something that provides real assistance and that matches your prospects’ needs perfectly, however, you’ll be able to build your list quite quickly. Plus, you’ll get your relationship with your new list members off on the right foot. that will make them more apt to do business with you in the future.

Are you using free eBooks to your advantage? If not, you should consider doing so right away. If there’s one thing about which most Internet marketers agree, it’s the notion that the money is in the list. That makes it essential to do everything you can to start building a receptive, response and large list of potential customers.

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