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Growing up in the inner city of Detroit, Dan Kuschell™ had an insatiable desire to get more.  Unfortunately when his baseball career ended he found himself "stuck" at a point in his life where he didn't know where to go next.  He decided to take everything he learned in sports and apply it in business.  Although he was not a natural and faced many obstacles along the way, he eventually cracked the code to prosperity, and... For over a decade, Dan Kuschell has dedicated his life to helping people transform their life to attract prosperity, abundance, and wealth.  He is the premier authority in helping companies and individuals get improved results to increase their income, sales and bottom line.  He is a pioneer in providing cutting edge systems, strategies and easy to apply tools for individuals wanting to make drastic improvements in their well being mentally, physically, socially, spiritually and financially - at home and in their careers.

Dan is the leading authority in teaching actual methods - proven, practical strategies that work.  In fact, Dan truly lives the principles he teaches and is the epitome of leading by example.  He has committed to enlighten millions of people to improve their lives through his radio show, TV show, and his recent Internationally acclaimed works: A Champion in the Making, and Walking With the Wise - featuring other incredible business leaders like Tony Robbins, Mark Victor Hansen, Brian Tracy, and Tom Hopkins to name a few.

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