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Release Date:  7/17/2011

Dear Colleague/Friend,

This past week I was able to be part of the "All-Star Celebration"... which got me to thinking about you.

You're an All-Star right?


It all starts with how you think about you. How you see yourself.

So - I was fortunate to share this time with Kira and Kyler. We went to the All Star Celebration on Monday which was a blast. They knew daddy was/is a baseball fan, however they also got to find out that 'baseball' can be fun for them too.

Kyler and Kira both had a chance to hit off a tee, throw balls at a target, throw bean bags into a bucket, run the bases, steal a base, and more...

Kira got her face painted as a butterfly and Kyler wanted a 'scopion' tattoo.

It was a full day of fun for all 3 of us and that was capped off when my dad surprised me with an early birthday gift and we went to the All-Star Game together. It was great to spend time with dad and enjoy the experience together...

And that's what life is about... It's not about 'things' it's about 'experiences'...

<<HINT: Today's lesson is focused around creating experiences >>>

Challenging one self to be our best... live life to the fullest... to say nothing is going to hold me back from being the BEST I can be... wouldn't you agree?

And I believe if you play this game of life full on striving for quality of 'quality of experience' it will
reward you 10-fold.

Even with set-backs and mistakes, it's amazing how far you can go if you just strive to go for it...

Which is why I'm passionate about bringing you cutting edge ideas and strategies on a consistent basis...

Real. Transparent. Timely...that you can use right now.

In the meantime, here's the next segment in the Simple-7-Step Formula for Building Your Ultimate Online System - generating more leads, sales and profits!

Prosperity and Success,


PS - If you missed Episode 102 Last Week- Hit this link and you can check it out here:

Stay tuned this week for another Episode which reveals more simple secrets to explode your leads, sales and profits.

Kyler is getting his A-Game On


Kira and Kyler taking in the
experience at the All-Star Game


The winners in life think constantly in terms of I can, I will, and I am. Losers, on the other hand, concentrate their waking thoughts on what they should have or would have done, or what they can’t do. – Dennis Waitley

Business opportunities are like buses, there’s always another one coming.

– Richard Branson

Selling is Getting People Intellectually Engaged About A Future Result That Is Good For them...

And Then Getting Them Emotionally Committed To Take Action To Achieve That Result.

- Dan Sullivan


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7-Steps To Massive Profits Online

In the last segments, we covered five of seven steps in the 7-Step Formula. If you missed those previous issues, send a request to our office at mentoring@achampionvision.com and let our staff know you'd like to see that segment.

We pick up today on Step 6: Create Ultimate Client Experience, Complementary Upgrades and Add Ons

In the initial phase of introducing a potential client or student to your business, the idea is to get them to raise their hand in essence to say:

"I'm Interested To 'Know More' About What You Have To Offer."

However, please know this is the first step... It's also the hardest step.

Then the next phase ideally is to build a strong enough relationship and compelling reasons 'why' they should do business with you. It doesnt' matter what business you're in, if you'll consider and take time to identify:

- What Makes you Unique compared to others?
- What is the one thing you can give a potential client that they can't get anywhere else?
- What are ALL the reasons 'why' they should be doing business with you?
- What are the benefits of doing business with you?
- What will working with you mean to them?
- What will working with you and your business do for them as far as an 'end result'?
- What are the features that you provide that support the above reasons/benefits and results?

Fact is, I've provided you a simple roadmap above to engage, stimulate and help potential clients to take action to do business with you.

Seriously take the above questions and write them on a note card and paste it on your refrigerator, or under the visor in your car.

If you'll take the time to answer these questions over time, you'll be amazed at how your business attracts potential clients in a much more effective way -whether it's online, on the phone, in person, writing articles, doing press releases, speaking, or otherwise, the above questions when answered allow you to hone in on the bullseye in business and client attraction.

The fact is:

"Most People Don't Plan To Fail, They Simply Fail To Plan..."

Don't make that mistake....

Take inventory and take time to focus on the above.

As you start the building process of attracting potential clients to you and your business, what you'll find is that those who turn from raising their hand to customer really want more of what you can offer or provide...

This can be in the form of additional services, products, support or otherwise.

The hardest sale to make is the 'first transaction' that occurs with a client. Don't stop there. Look at ways to drive the relationship much deeper.

Look for ways to help create an experience with your company that isn't available anywhere else.

This can take the form of many add on's and complementary services or products -- whether it's something you offer or provide, or if you team up with other vendors or suppliers in your industry.

The key is for you to help maintain 'control' of that relationship or experience.

One of the common mistakes I see online today -- and frankly I've made the mistake dozens of times myself.

I've found a complementary service or product and promoted it to my subscribers and clients alike. They've purchased it. However I didn't do anything to deepen the relationship further through that experience.

What could you do?

If they purchase that additional product or service, you couldoffer some additional guidance with it. Or perhaps a bonus training opportunity. Or special private meeting for those clients only.

Again, something that helps you strengthen and deepen the relationship further and creates an 'experience'.

The reality is you're in the business of creating expectations as it relates to the experience.

How are you doing with that?

You're providing your clients with one of the following:

1 - The experience with your company is less than expected
2 - The experience with your company is exactly what you expected
3 - The experience with your company is more than what they expected

Now, I'd love to say our company and I have been perfect all the time, however we all go through cycles. I recommend shifting your mindset of 'trying' to be 'perfect'and always do the best of your ability at that moment to provide in your mind what would be more than they expect.

Over time, you can improve, adapt and get better.

I look back to 1993 with some of the first services my companies offered and I'd have to say that today I would be embrarrased to offer them today.

It's relative. Back in 1993, those products and serviceswere the best they could have been from us -- at the time.

Strive to be the best you can be at that moment. Strive for excellence, not perfection.

Disney is the most successful theme park in the world for one main reason. They create experiences that people just can't get anywhere else.

The rides aren't really the issue. Those are like the products... They help. They contribute. They certainly add on and I know I've upgraded, gotten special VIP passes, and more because I wanted 'more' of the experience.

Look at your business the same way and identify how you can be unique by offering an experience that clients can't get anywhere else.

That's it for this issue. In our next issue, we'll go into Step 7 which separates profitable businesses from those that go broke and struggle to even stay alive... you won't want to miss it.


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Champion's Speak Out

Hi Dan, you video is very good in explaining how to help businesses of any kind get more clients. I have been amiss to try to reach local businesses with another venture in search
engine optimization to sell them a local spot on our websites.

Well, I think this method makes much more sense and I will look into implementing it myself and see how I can help more businesses get more clients and traffic.

Thanks for the video. Have a great day!

David Howard · Internet Marketing Specialist, Internet Marketing Consultant, Self Employed and Loving It!


Hi Dan Kuschell, I have been watching your video. You make a lot of sense, Thank you. Not everyone is teaching as you are, which is GREAT. I can actually understand what you
are talking about and visualize what is being said.

You very organized and passionate about what you are talking about. I wished I had this two years ago, I would be retired by now. I will be following you more often. I agree the guru's are misleading people terribly just to put money in there pocket, while your bone dry. I have fallen for most of them.

You show more promising results with your passion. Thank you very, very much for your time.

Eddie Dean · Colorado Technical University

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