Dan Kuschell® Presents... INCREASE your ability to attract
PROSPERITY for the rest of your life!

1. How do I use Prosperity Based Living™?

Start by listening to the Getting Started CD and get familiar with the program and then plan to schedule 10 minutes in your day for maximum growth.  Listen to the remaining CD's in succession, 1 each day for 6 days while following along in the Action Guide included in the program.

At the end of just 7 days, your life has likely taken on a whole new meaning as you begin to experience maximum abundance and prosperity.

Following your seven days, watch the enclosed DVD Video "Communication Mastery" and discover the secrets to developing a magnetic personality and begin the journey using your Journal Program - again, in just 10 minutes per day, you'll experience massive growth.

In addition, enjoy the supplemental books, A Champion in The Making: Keys to Prosperity and Abundance and Walking With the Wise*, learning from the leading minds in business today - Mark Victor Hansen, Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, among others, including your new coach and master mentor, Dan Kuschell™.

2. What does Prosperity Based Living™ include?

With your Prosperity Based Living order you will receive The Getting Started CD, 6 time-coded CDs: Seven Steps to Life, Health and Financial Mastery, the Action Guide for maximum retention, the Journal Program, the DVD Video: Communication Mastery, A Champion in the Making™ book, Walking With the Wise™ book, and a voucher towards $100 off our seminar or coaching program.  All 13 items are yours when you place your order today...

3. What are the differences between Prosperity Based Living and A Champion in the Making or A Champion Vision, Inc.?

Prosperity Based Living™ is the cornerstone product in the ever expanding product line marketed through our TV and Radio Show, A Champion in the Making™ and through our parent company, A Champion Vision, Inc.

7 Days to prosperity, Wealth and Abundance