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Testimonials"Full of time tested proven strategies you can use immediately to get better results.  Use it.  Apply it.  Step on your own accelerator!"

Brian Tracy, Author, Focal Point


"I have participated in over two dozen programs and I can honestly rank yours at the very top.  You offered excellent content in a clear,concise manner.  You responded to questions directly and succinctly.  Great job - Well done."

John Fawley, New Wilmington, PA


"You shared so much powerful information with us - I'm not sure everyone even realizes the magnitude of what was shared.  I pick up something new every time I hear you."

-Bernice McLennan, Wealth Coach, Victoria, BC


"Thank you so much for your inspiration.  As a goal coach, I often push people quite hard - and I push myself even harder.  Your insights have made me sit back and take stock for a second.  I will be rethinking how I present the 'achievement' portion of my program.  Keep up the good work!"

Mindy Gibbins-Klein, Life Coach, United Kingdom


"I am listening!  You do inspire me!  I love your book!  I still go over some parts over and over again.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, for what you do.  I truly appreciate it!  I try to listen everyday to see what I can learn for the day."

Fred Rodriguez, Buckeye, AZ


"Dan's coaching skills are remarkable, as well as his patience and genuine interest in my success.  His knowledge and experience in business coaching is amazing.  He is dedicated and committed to make me comfortable, confident, and prepared! He is a living role model which I highly recommend."

Rhoda Moyer Searcy, Entrpreneur, DC


"I've been able to double my sales production as a result of what I learned at the training.  In addition, I've been able to increase my confidence and communication skills to know I've got a secure future for my family!"

-Scott Waite, Tempe, AZ


"This program is easy to apply.  I felt like I had a friend sitting right there with me walking me through it.  I now realize that my goals and dreams are achievable."

-Michaelene Ruhl, PR Specialist, Dearborn, MI


"Your program was VERY helpful and I'm much more confident in getting the outcome I want.  I'm looking foward to your future programs.  Thank you for sharing your awesome knowledge."

Dr. Grace Syn, Chiropractor, Los Angeles, CA


"Dan Kuschell grabs your attention and won't let go!  He uses wonderful stories and practical how to steps that work!"

Mark Mayberry, Co-Author, In the Company of Entrepreneurs


"What an ah-ha!  What a relief to get back to the basics that have been the core of my success most of my life.  Thank you."

Dru Bloomfield, Real Estate Agent, Phoenix, AZ


çWhat an incredible weekend.  I so appreciate your giving hearts and your commitment to serving Life.  I am inspired by your energy up in front of a room.  In the words of Austin Powers, "Yeah Baby!"

Lawrence Katzman, Los Angeles, CA


"It was awesome!  Very enlightening and powerful.  The way you put it all together, just made more sense!  I love it! Thanks for making a difference Dan, thanks for sharing with me and others. You are truly a blessing and gift from God."

Deb Thompson, Wealth Alliance, Phoenix, AZ 

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