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A Champion in the Making Radio Show  

Dan Kuschell, Direct Marketing and Sales Expert, Host of NBC's A Champion in the Making Success Radio Program, shares the secrets to build prosperity, income, and massive results in your business and life. Listen in as Dan gets to the heart of the matter with ideas and strategies that are practical and easy to apply.

Dan Kuschell, Master Motivator and Mentor shares his personal secrets including:

• The Wealth Formula
• The Prosperity Formula
• The Millionaire's Mindset (R)

Find out how Dan went from living paycheck to paycheck to now helping companies generate multi-millions in business starting from scratch. With the right foundation, mindset and habits - Dan will show you how you can do almost anything.
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Radio Show 11-22-04 Holiday Edition Track#1

Radio Show 11-22-04 Holiday Edition Track#2

Radio Show 11-22-04 Holiday Edition Track#3

Radio Show 11-22-04 Holiday Edition Track#4


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