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Dan Kuschell, NBC Radio Host, Direct Marketing and Sales Expert interviews Brian Tracy founder of Brian Tracy International.  Brian Tracy is a #1 Best Selling Author - New York Times, USA Today and the Wall Street Journal - of several books including Maximum Achievement, Focal Point, and Victory to name a few.

In this incredible interview Brian Tracy reveals his secrets to building success in small VICTORIES.  To date, Brian Tracy has impacted millions of people worldwide with his incredible books, programs, and seminars.  His programs are practical and give you common sense solutions to help you on your way to massive success.  In this exciting interview you will discover:

• How to double your income in half the time
• How to focus on your greatness and WIN
• How to position yourself in the top 10% in your field
• Much, much more…

In this incredible interview you'll also learn how you could get a copy of Brian Tracy's incredible newsletters and select audio trainings absolutely FREE.

Brian Tracy is truly a MASTER of his craft.  Listen to this interview right now…

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Radio Show 8-8-05 Brian Tracy Track #2

Radio Show 8-8-05 Brian Tracy Track #3

Radio Show 8-8-05 Brian Tracy Track #4


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