Dan Kuschell® Presents... INCREASE your ability to attract
PROSPERITY for the rest of your life!

A message for Meeting Planners

Increase your Sales and Bottom Line

One of the most important factors in the success of your convention or conference is the speaker that you hire.

If your audience consists of salespeople, distributors, or the people concerned about increasing sales, income, and the bottom line, then you'll get rave reviews for months - and even years - bringing in Dan Kuschell™ to help your people.  Dan goes to the core of the foundation to help your people identify and most importantly overcome their greatest obstacles to achieve, excel, and break records!

His "Prosperity Based Living" message is exactly what your people need to breakthrough to achieve more sales, income and results.

Dan is recognized as a pre-eminent expert in sales, peak performance, and improved results.  His inspiring, customized and result oriented programs hit the bullseye, and tailored exclusively for your organization on how to break through to achieve greater sales and results.

He concentrates his efforts on working with the people who are responsible for sales, expansion of sales, and/or recruiting the talent to build your organization.

Dan brings a wealth of documentation, and experience to the table.  He speaks from experience growing up as a "shy kid" in the Inner-city of Detroit, who developed wealth, abundance and prosperity.  His unique, fun, and riveting stories could not be told by anyone else.  His goal is to help you get what you want most: improved results.

He does thorough pre-event research and customizes the program for your company, organization, and situation.  Your people receive an energetic program that's uplifting, fun and packed with practical information, strategies, and tools that your attendees can use to immediately increase their sales, income, and bottom line.


7 Days to prosperity, Wealth and Abundance